Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tips for Searching Strategies

Tips for Searching the Internet
Ask for Kids has some great search tips for students just beginning to learn how to search online. You can see them here . I'll give you an overview of what they say with some of my own advice here!
  1. Search with Keywords or Questions. Do you want to know more about Harriet Tubman? You can enter in something like, "Who was Harriet Tubman?" or even just "Harriet Tubman". Maybe you want to know more about other women like her, so you could enter "Women in Slavery". Think about what answer you want to find out, then just ask!
  2. Search for simple and direct terms. Just like I said above!
  3. Ask for only one thing at a time. If your question has two parts, ask them one at a time instead of together. For example, if you want to know who Levi Coffin was and where teh Underground Railroad stations were in Indiana, you can first ask "Levi Coffin". When you get the answer you wanted, go back and ask again for "where were the Underground Railroad Stations in Indiana?"
  4. Look for smart answers. At askforkids, they will list these at the top of the results page. Ask your teacher or parent about how to figure out if a resource is a "smart" one or not and eventually it will all make sense to you!
  5. If there is a drop down box, pull it down with your cursor. Askforkids wants to make sure that it's answering the right question for you, so it will give you a drop down box with a list of topics, just to make sure. Here is what they say about it: Pull the box down by clicking on the small arrow. Pick the choice you think describes best what you want to know. Make sure it is showing in the window when you let go of the arrow. Then click the Go button again and you will go to the Web site you selected. If you see several drop-down boxes, you might want to look at all of the choices. The answers you are looking for will almost always be contained in the choices given.

Practice, Practice, Practice!!

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